UGW - (Underworld Gang Wars)

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A new battle game UGW (Underworld Gang Wars) is coming soon in India, which is going to create panic among the Indian audience.

The pre-registration of UGW Game has started on playstore, after which you will also get some rewards in UGW game.

For the first time in India, such a battle ground game is going to be launched which can compete with the trending games of this time BGMI.

UGW is making the game an Indian company named Mayhem-Studios which is a Bengaluru based Gaming Software Development studio and this company is going to launch this game.

Mayhem-Studios released the trailer of UGW GAME on its youtube channel on 22 May 2022 and from that day the pre-registration for Underworld Gang War has also started.

(UGW) The launch date of Underworld Gang War Game has not been released yet, but there are some rumors that UGW may be launched on 15th August.

In the UGW(Underworld Gang Wars) game, you’ll find everything inspired by Indian things like weapons, game characters and places.



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You can easily download UGW GAME or UGW APK by clicking on Download Button. You have also got an option of Pre-registration after clicking on Button.


Officially Mayhem-Studios does not revel the released date of UGW GAME but according to some leak news this game may be launch on 15 August 2023 because this is indian mobile battleground game and that are proud moment india to have their own battleground game.
Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) launched its official trailer on youtube on 21st May and from 22 May pre-registration of ugw game has started on playstore.
If you go and pre-register now, you will be given some rewards inside the game after the launch of the game.

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Dhantara is such a place which is divided into two parts but the desire to get this entire land is same in both the parts.
Some generations ago, You could see the clear blue sky in Dhantara. But now days its all scarlet.In story the place Dhantara spilts in two parts. These parts of Dhantara are divided by a river.

One side of Dhantara, the Tyagi’s rule with an iron fist . Whenever in the world, the rich rule the land It’s the poor who face brutality and repercussion.The Bhokalis were owned as slaves by the rich for many years their hardwork made the rich richer but they left bhokalis as impoverised.Loyalty lost the battle against crime, leaving it in the dust.The Tyagis rebelled when they could stand it no longer. They took their weapons and killed their oppressors.

After this war, This part of Dhantara was ruled by Tyagis(Bhokalis).The second side of river were ruled by the Velvets.This world is extremely different compared to the Bhokalis, but their rise is similarly bathed in blood.Their leader, Boris, grew up under the shoes of the rich in his country, but as he grew up, he felt the burden of slavery more.When the rich fight, the poor pay the price. One day when the oppression increased a lot, he left his country and came to Dhantara after saving his life.

Dhantara – A place of gold and glory which he only heard about in myths.
Upon setting foot, he made two oaths – One, he would live life in king style something he couldn’t do earlier. Two, he’ll never pick up the slack of poverty.
This is Dhantara Split in two halves. Two halves loved by both equally And for that love, they will do anything to make it theirs !!
It is to be seen who gets the load and who wins this battle.

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Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) GAME MAP

Dhantara is one such map of ugw game which has been made similar to India.
In this map you will find places like Coal mine, Ghats, Fort, slums and station which will make this game more interesting for Indian players.
Dhantara is a place on which everyone wants to rule, for which there will be a war. Whoever wins will rule Dhantara. On one side is the area of Tyagi and his Bhaukali gang and on the other side is Boris and his Velvets gang.It remains to be seen who wins this battle.
ugw game map,map view in ugw game

How To Download UGW GAME

Here are the some steps to follow for Download UGW GAME in your MOBILE & PC : –

1. First of all you have to visit our site and click on the download button which is given in our website.

2. After that a download page will open in front of you in which you will see both MOBILE and PC option.

3. If you want to download the game in mobile, then click on the mobile button, after which UGW Game will start downloading in your phone.

4. After the game is downloaded, you have to install it on your phone.

How to install UGW GAME In Phone

With the help of the above information, you can easily download the ugw game in your phone, but after that you have to do some setting in your phone to install the game which is given below.

1. After the ugw apk is downloaded, you have to open the download folder of your phone, after which you will see the folder of the game, you have to click on it and then you will see the install button, after clicking on which the ugw game will be installed in your phone.

2. If you are facing any problem in installing the game, then you must first enable this setting in your phone.

Phone Setting > Security > App Installation > Unknown source installations > Turn On

By turning on this setting, the game will be installed in your phone, after which you can play it with fun 🤪


In UGW game, you will get to see many weapons and character skins out of which many skins and guns are similar to local things👳🏾 of India like kataa and hammer🔨 and lungi in dress, which will increase the interest of this game even more.

You can access all the skin and play with all interesting weapons after downloading the ugw apk in your mobile or pc.

Weapon Drop 1: Menacing M4,Weapon Drop 2: Emily 303,Weapon Drop 3: Sterling, ( Hammer)

These are some of the guns and weapons with which you can play the ugw game.
Bhokalis will have some indigenous guns and Velvets will have some international guns.

If you subscribe to the official youtube channel of ugw games, then you will get to see all the new updates and you will also get to see the videos of all these guns.


This was all the information about the ugw game, after reading which you will know very well about the ugw game, now it has to be seen how the gameplay of the ugw game is and how popular this game is in India.

This website is not the official website of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) game and is not created by this official UGW game. This is a fan🖤 made website, we have created this website for those people who are facing problem😢 in downloading UGW game from playstore, they can easily download ugw game apk from this website.