Canberra, Australia - The foreign minister announced on Tuesday that Australia had revoked the previous administration's recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Foreign Minister Penny Wong said - The cabinet of the center-left Labor Party government voted to recognise Tel Aviv once again as the nation's capital 

and reiterated that Israel and the Palestinians should hold peace negotiations to settle the conflict in Jerusalem.

Even though the Australian embassy was still located in Tel Aviv, former Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged West Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December 2018.

Wong called Morrison's action "cynical play" to win a byelection in a Sydney neighbourhood with a sizable Jewish community and out of sync with the rest of the world.

Dave Sharma, a Jew who was a candidate for Morrison's Liberal Party, lost the byelection but won the seat in the subsequent general election.

After serving for nine years, Morrison's government was forced out of office in May.