According to the Department of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 600 people have died in Nigeria's worst floods in more than ten years.


Saadia Omar Farooq, the minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management for Nigeria, reported that as of Sunday,

603 people had died, 2,407 had been hurt, and 1.3 million were displaced.

Additionally, according to Farooq, 332,000 hectares of roads and infrastructure, 82,000 dwellings, 108,000 hectares of agriculture

and 332,000 hectares of agricultural have all been completely destroyed or damaged.

Farooq pleaded with the governors of the southern states bordering the sea to order the evacuation of those living near waterways or in other places where they might obstruct water flow.

Despite forecasts, he claimed that several states did not effectively prepare for floods.

All state and local governments have been given access to a national response plan, and the nation has also given the states food and resources.