The championship game between Hull City and Birmingham City had to be postponed as groundskeepers made sure both goalposts were the proper size.


1. Officials find goal posts to be overly tall 2. Groundsmen manually sawed 3.The start time has been pushed back by twenty minutes.

On Sunday, Hull played fellow Championship strugglers Birmingham at the MKM Stadium, with the game initially slated for 3 p.m.

Following the pre-match evaluation from match officials, ground employees were required to pull the goalposts down 

and manually saw them to regulation size, causing the match to be delayed by twenty minutes.

That controversy comes just a week after Wigan hosted Cardiff at the DW Stadium, where one goal was two inches larger than the other, an offence that could have faced Latics in the FA Cup.

To make matters worse, the home team lost 3-2, with the winners from Cardiff hitting the above-regulation crossbar.