The Washington Commanders charged late and beat the Chicago Bears 12–7 on Thursday night in Chicago. Now both the teams are now 2-4.

By: Ugw

The commander said he would not apologize for the aesthetics. He didn't need to be good, he just needed to win. And he achieved this goal.

It is also important to see whether this win over the Bears steers their season in the right direction. Even after this victory, he still has to achieve many victories.

He already has many penalties on him, he has got 27 penalties in three matches. He has scored only 47 points in the last four matches.

But, for the time being, it allows the Commanders to exhale after four straight losses. Winning is an essential salve in a franchise where every week seems to bring a new set of problems.

Washington fell again in the middle of the fourth quarter after failing to convert into third place. However, it proved to be a wise decision.

Wells Jones Jr. deflected the punt, and rookie Christian Holmes recovered it at the 6-yard line. Washington took a 12-7 lead after two runs from rookie Brian Robinson.

On October 23, Washington will host Green Bay. On October 24, Chicago visits New England.