In a four-year rematch, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams debated Georgia's future on the same stage Tuesday night and presented opposing perspectives.


During the hour-long Atlanta Press Club debate, which also included libertarian Shane Hazel, discussions of education and

crime predominated, while candidates made jokes about issues like voting rights and gun control.

The robustness of Georgia's economy despite the COVID-19 outbreak and Kemp's continued record-breaking 

during his term in office give Kemp a minor advantage over Abrams, according to polls.

Kemp expressed his optimism for his state's future. The vast majority of people are employed, there is the lowest unemployment rate in state history,

and there are economic opportunities in every region of the state, regardless of zip code or neighbourhood.

On the campaign trail, Abrams, who was defeated by Kemp by about 55,000 votes in 2018, said that Kemp's vision of a successful Georgia is leaving people behind.